Experience...a matter of time

As artists we often hear from people “I can't draw a straight line” or “I can't paint.”  I will sometimes ask them if they have ever had any lessons to which they respond they haven’t painted since they were a kid.  There seems to be a strong belief among people who do not pursue the artistic experience that somehow we are born with the ability to create…or not.
I once asked a heart surgeon viewing my work and responding in a similar fashion if his patients would be comfortable receiving open heart surgery from me, and he was taken aback by my bold comment.  “Well of course not, you haven’t gone to medical school and received the training and knowledge to be a surgeon!”  
Obviously my point was that, perhaps with a few notable exceptions in history, most artists like any other profession are not automatically given a special art gene at birth that allows them to create masterworks. They must have the commitment and dedication to hone their skills and abilities over time…and more importantly to move beyond the technical skills and to develop the ability to conceptualize and place their vision on canvas, in clay, or other various mediums including music.
Perhaps we are born with the DESIRE to create, this could be debated and has been for centuries.  But the desire to create is not enough, you must put in the hard work, the “sweat equity" and cover yards of canvas to reach your goal, your vision…and oh by the way, it never ends.  For those with the desire to improve, the bars is raised on ourselves by ourselves, but then perhaps that is what the life of an artist really is.  
Only you can decide, but in the end, Excellence is A Matter of Time…a lifetime of continuing to pursue that perfect piece that displays on canvas what your heart feels.  Keep challenging yourself to reach excellence, but most importantly, ENJOY THE JOURNEY!